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Here’s how you can report car damage to Dubai Police caused by storms

Ensure you are familiar with the procedure.

report car damage to Dubai Police

Adverse weather conditions prevailed in Dubai on the morning of Friday, November 17.

Numerous schools transitioned to remote teaching, while several private companies urged their employees to work from home due to the unpredictable weather.

The flooding of roads led to delays in public transport, traffic congestion caused by waterlogged streets, and instances of vehicle damage. In instances of vehicle damage during inclement weather, the question that often arises is whether vehicle insurance will cover such damages.

The Dubai Police released a timely guide to assist drivers who might encounter such a situation.

How to report car damage to Dubai Police in case of storms

Communicating through X, formerly known as Twitter, Dubai Police advised drivers to document any weather-related damage to their vehicles and report it to the nearest police station.

The post said: “If vehicles experience damage due to weather fluctuations, it is important for drivers to document the damage by capturing a video or photo. Afterward, they should promptly go to the nearest police station and file a detailed report regarding the incident.”

Here are the steps to take if your vehicle sustains weather-related damage:

  1. Capture the damage by taking a video or photo.
  2. Visit the nearest police station.
  3. File a report.

Filing police reports for vehicle damage can assist in the process of claiming insurance coverage.

Certain car insurance providers offer coverage for damages caused by severe weather conditions, but it hinges on the specific terms and conditions outlined in your policy. Therefore, it’s essential to verify this by checking your policy.

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On Friday, November 17, Dubai awoke to overcast skies, the rumble of thunder, heavy rainfall, and congested roads. The National Center of Meteorology in the UAE issued a weather alert in yellow and orange, indicating an expectation of increased rainfall throughout the country.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has urged caution on the city’s roads and advised motorists to anticipate potential delays.