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The first FacePay shop in Abu Dhabi launched by Astra Tech

Astra Tech's B Store revolutionizes UAE Capital with FacePay and autonomous shopping.

FacePay shop in Abu Dhabi

Astra Tech, the leading consumer technology conglomerate in the Mena region, is bringing a groundbreaking change to the retail scene in the UAE Capital. Today, they officially unveil their inaugural autonomous shopping store at Sky Tower, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. This innovative store operates solely on artificial intelligence (AI), marking a significant milestone in the retail industry.

The leading enabler of digital commerce in the Middle East and Africa region has implemented Face Pay, a face verification platform from consumer authentication service provider PopID, in a first for biometric payments in the UAE.

B Store: The first FacePay shop in Abu Dhabi

Named as “B Store”, this pioneering retail concept is revolutionizing the shopping experience in the UAE by introducing faster payment processing and minimizing hassles. This innovative establishment harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI technology and seamless cloud integration to offer a seamlessly automated shopping experience.

Customers can now buy food items such as juice, coffee, bread, and all other daily essentials and pay merely with a scan of their face. So, next time you forget your wallet at home, don’t worry, because at B Store, your face is your wallet!

FacePay shop in Abu Dhabi

How it works..

At B Store, shoppers can anticipate a hassle-free journey from beginning to end. As customers approach the entry gates, they are greeted by an ELO screen displaying a message: “Tap or Scan to Enter.” They are presented with two options for payment: either by tapping their bank card on the POS machine or by utilizing the revolutionary FacePay feature offered by Payby. For card payments, customers will need to tap their card on the POS machine, while for FacePay, they proceed to the FacePay machine and effortlessly complete the transaction by scanning their face. Once the payment process is completed, the ELO screen initiates a query about the customer’s preference for receiving the receipt.

Upon selecting their desired option, the gates open, granting customers access to the store. Inside, customers can comfortably locate and obtain the food items they desire in the most convenient and streamlined manner. The sensors will detect which items are picked up by customers and automatically added to a digital shopping basket, without any staff interaction.

When it is time to leave, customers receive a text message on the provided phone number, expressing gratitude for their visit and informing them that their receipt is currently being processed. Subsequently, another message is sent, containing a hyperlink that customers can conveniently click to view their receipt.

The B Store stocks over 1,300 items, including snacks, beverages, packaged food and food-to-go meals as well as basic essentials.

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Valeriya Thores, autonomous e-commerce director at Astra Tech said: “We are thrilled to introduce the first-ever B Store and redefine the future of retail. This innovative integration of facial recognition technology revolutionizes the way we shop and showcases our commitment to providing unparalleled convenience and security. Step into the future of retail with B Store, where your face becomes your ultimate payment method. Our vision has always been to simplify the everyday for our customers, and this is another step in that direction.”

The company’s ultra app is taking its offerings one step further by harnessing the power of AI and creating an autonomous store where customers can seamlessly complete transactions using the power of their faces.