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Dubai Police offers free car inspections until the end of August

Drive confidently this summer...

Dubai Police offers free car inspections until the end of August

During the sweltering summer months, UAE motorists encounter a heightened risk of accidents due to soaring temperatures. Tyre bursts are a frequent culprit, but other hazards like vehicle fires can also result in tragic consequences.

To combat these risks, regular car maintenance is essential. As part of the “Summer Without Accidents” campaign, Dubai Police is providing free car inspections at AutoPro centers throughout the UAE until the end of August. This initiative aims to ensure vehicles are safe and roadworthy, reducing the likelihood of summer-related accidents.

Private car owners can take advantage of this service at any AutoPro center across the UAE, ensuring their vehicles are in top condition for safe summer driving.

Here are the top 10 vehicle health checks included in the free inspection:

  • AC and air filter condition
  • Seat belt functionality
  • Wiper blade condition
  • Windshield washer fluid level
  • Radiator hose integrity
  • Battery health assessment
  • Engine oil and coolant levels
  • Tire pressure evaluation
  • Fluid levels inspection
  • Lights functionality
Dubai Police offers free car inspections
Dubai Police’s Traffic Education Department has been actively educating drivers on tire maintenance and efficiency to prevent accidents.

A field team from the Traffic Education Department has been actively instructing drivers on how to maintain tyre integrity and performance. In addition, Dubai Police has released safety guidelines that motorists should adhere to in order to stay safe and prevent accidents.

These are:

  • Motorists must ensure tyre validity and that there are no vibrations.
  • Motorists must occasionally keep checking tyres for cracks and bulges.
  • Drivers should regularly keep changing the engine oil.
  • Motorists must keep checking for any fluid leaks.
  • Regular vehicle check-ups are key to avoiding accidents on the road.

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