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How can you Save Money by Shopping Online in Dubai?

Shopping Online in Dubai

Shopping Online in Dubai

Shopping Online in Dubai

In present times, the concept of online shopping has increased tremendously. However, coming home with a bunch of overpriced products can feel so appalling. Here we are bringing forward the pitfalls that you must avoid in the future, bet your wallet will thank you!

Speaking of life in Dubai, there are two sides to it. One is associated with the luxurious lifestyle and the other depicts a hectic life. In the midst of everything, budget shopping can feel overwhelming.

While projecting today’s shopping scenario, the UAE has evolved drastically and transitioned into being a major hub for online retail platforms. Though online shopping escalated due to coronavirus-induced restrictions; consumers are still sticking to the digital option for many reasons (convenience being the main). 

If you’re one of them, this read is curated for you. Here’s to bringing you smart ways of saving a handsome amount and making the most of online shopping!

Smart ways to save money by online shopping in Dubai

1. Quick Research

A little research always helps and grocery shopping is no exception to this rule. If you are aware of tools and techniques that help compare prices of multiple websites, nothing like it. However, in any case, you can do a little bit of research across portals providing similar products to compare prices and bring home the best deal. 

Don’t blindly go by the term ‘discount’ on any website. In reality, it could be a sheer scam to attract visitors. Pricing a product at a higher value and then offering a discount is a gimmick followed by many online retailers. The only way to not fall for it is to compare product prices across numerous shopping hubs.

2. Follow on social media

Being a social media follower of the brand is one of the easiest ways of availing discounts. A good online UAE store is invariably present on social media platforms and active with posting new releases, discounts and deals. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and check their newsfeed in continuity to be completely cognizant of their offerings.
Some of the popular E-tailing platforms such as Add To Cart have their official pages and ardently post their ongoing deals. So, an easy way of staying in the loop is to simply follow the social media account.

3. Avail free delivery

Delivery fees may vary depending on the order value, time of delivery or simply the website. One smart way of proceeding with the grocery order is merely by figuring this out. Certain grocery shopping websites provide free shipping for an order size above some particular amount. Also, some of the portals offer free delivery on the first order or first three orders; while some excuse delivery charges with a promo code. Therefore, most certainly avoid delivery charges in every possible way.

4. Coupons, coupons and more coupons!

We are living in a world where retailers don’t shy away from accepting coupons and offer great cashbacks. So, why not make the most of it? The process may feel a bit intimidating, but all you have to do is spend some time browsing through google and search for coupons and cashback deals. Also, certain websites offer referral codes to attract new consumers and offer codes on subscribing to the email list or referring to friends and family. Take advantage, get as many coupons as you can.

5. Bank Offers

If you can secure some reward-oriented credit or debit cards, you’re in store for some good news. On using the same card for every purchase, the bank is likely to offer points which can be used to pay grocery bills. This is a great way of saving some great cash.

Besides offering points, credit and debit card providers also offer a list of cashback offers which churns out to exclusive deals. Large online grocery chains in Dubai also extend co-branded cards that help consumers to double their rewards while making any purchase.

6. Pass-over name branded groceries

In some strange way, we are all attracted to big name-brand groceries; but remember that comes with a price. Somehow these big label commercials create a memory that’s hard to erase. However, the catch here is that these name-brand items are always priced 10-20% more than the local brands. Although the quality of both may be at par, the expensive ones are ideally just tossed in a lavish looking package. So, without much thought you can easily skip the name branded groceries.

7. Watch out for clearance aisles

Hang on, the clearance aisle goes lower than the usual discounts. To conclude it rightly, products on clearance are valued at extra-low prices. Sometimes it may be due to some kind of damage but in most situations, the clearance aisle is because of a low response. 

How do you go about this? First thing first, check for an expiration date. Second, be sure of the product not being damaged. Once these criterias are fulfilled; do not miss on the clearance deal. It’s a catch!

Shopping Online in Dubai

One Last Thought:

In today’s economy where budgets are getting thinner, exploring grocery products with fringe benefits is super advantageous. Fortunately, you can save big by more means than just indulging in discounted products. Most people today are looking for ways to limit their monthly budget. A great way of doing so is by cutting down on grocery budgets. Start with downloading a mobile friendly app.

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