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All about taking the PTE test in the UAE: PTE test centers and fees

All you need to know about taking the PTE exam in the UAE

PTE test in the UAE

Are you planning to undertake a PTE Academic test either in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or a nearby location? Here are all the details that you are looking for!

The PTE Academic exam, administered by Pearson, assesses English language proficiency through a computer-based test widely recognized by universities and employers worldwide. Its format and accuracy make it a popular choice for language evaluation, and  the test scores are computed using artificial intelligence. 

PTE test fees in the UAE

The PTE exam fee is $410 AUD which is equivalent to AED 1200in the UAE. Prices are inclusive of 10% tax.

You can pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB)or a debit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Paypal is not accepted.

How to book for the PTE test in the UAE?

To book your test, you need to first create a myPTE account in the official PTE website.

To sign up for the PTE exam, you only need a valid passport. Just make sure your name on the passport matches exactly with the name you provide for the PTE exam. If the name does not match, you will not be allowed to give your exam.

In cases where you have only one name (that is both your given name and family name), enter it in “First name(s)” field when you register for your myPTE account and enter a period/full stop in the “Last/family name” field.

Upon accessing the PTE official website, the candidate should:

  1. Provide necessary details like name, address, contact info, and date of birth.
  2. Choose the preferred location by clicking ‘Schedule this exam’ to book the PTE.
  3. Select the most suitable date from the available PTE exam dates.
  4. Complete the booking by paying the PTE exam registration fees.

You can book a PTE test 24 hours before the test date, as long as there is an open seat. 

PTE test centers in the UAE

PTE test centers in Dubai

There are 3 PTE test centers in Dubai:

Exam centerAddress
1. JNS Training and Testing Centre L.L.C.Office 1903, Grosvenor Business Tower, Business Bay. Dubai United Arab Emirates
2. The Exam Preparation & Testing House FZCOSuite 703, 7th Floor, Apricot Tower, 300109 Dubai United Arab Emirates
3. Murdoch University DubaiLevels 1 & 2, Block 18, Dubai Knowledge Park, Al Sufouh 2 500700 Dubai United Arab Emirates

PTE test center in Abu Dhabi

MontRoyal Elevate

Al Niyadi Building 115, Airport Road
Floor 14 , Office No.1401
Next to Jannah Place hotel Airport Road
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

What to expect on the test day?

PTE Academic is a computer-based test held at a test center, where around 10–15 people usually take the test together. You should arrive 30 minutes before your test to check-in safely and prepare. Please carry your passport before heading to the exam. Passport is the only accepted ID.

When you get to the test center, a PTE Test Center Administrator will welcome you. They’ll help you with check-in and explain the rules. To make sure it’s you, they’ll:

  • Ask for your ID and check if your name matches your booking.
  • Take your picture.
  • Get your digital signature.
  • Scan your hand’s palm.

Once complete, the administrator will give you a safe place to store your personal items, and ensure you are ready for your test.

PTE test in the UAE
The PTE exam will be conducted in a private booth with a computer, keyboard, headset, chair, notepad, and pen.

The PTE exam provides you with a time of two hours to complete the test.

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PTE test results

Typically, PTE Academic results are available within five business days. At times, the PTE Academic exam results can be swiftly available within a mere 2-3 hours, showcasing the efficiency of the assessment process.

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Tips to Optimize Your PTE Exam Preparation

Achieving success in the PTE exam demands commitment and a meticulously designed study schedule. Maximize your preparation with the following guidance:

  • Familiarise yourself with the exam’s structure and format.
  • Practice regularly using official PTE preparation materials.
  • Harness the potential of online resources, including sample queries and mock exams.
  • Consider enrolling in PTE preparation courses or hiring a tutor.
  • Prioritize the enhancement of your English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Craft efficient time management tactics to navigate the exam’s time constraints.

What if you need to cancel or reschedule the PTE exam?

There are ways to cancel or reschedule the PTE exam, but the refund depends on the date you make the request. You can claim a full refund if you cancel at least 14 days before the original test date. The refund amount drops to 50% of the PTE exam fee if it’s no closer than seven days. Unfortunately, if you cancel in less than a week, you cannot claim any refund. The situation is the same for rescheduling the test.

If you reschedule between one to two weeks before the test date, you’ll need to pay 50% of the fees. Rescheduling with less than one week means you will need to pay the total amount again.