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Discover UAE’s desert tradition: The Annual Camel Trek and How to take part

Registration now open for the annual camel trek

Annual Camel Trek

Each year, the United Arab Emirates provides its residents with a distinct chance to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Bedouin culture through an annual event named the Camel Trek.

The annual UAE Camel Trek spans a challenging 12-day desert journey, crossing three emirates and covering a total distance of 700 kilometers.

Organized by the Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre (HHC), this once-in-a-lifetime adventure is open to every UAE resident without any cost or charges. No prior experience is required. The registration is now open!

Annual Camel Trek

Happening in December, the annual camel trek commences from Aradah, Abu Dhabi, and concludes at Dubai’s Global Village. The expedition typically spans around 12 days, with participants covering a daily distance of roughly 40 to 45 kilometers. Along the way, multiple checkpoints offer opportunities for refueling with food, beverages, and restful tent accommodations.

In past years, adventurers have been pleasantly surprised by unexpected visits from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

How to participate in the Annual Camel Trek?

For those genuinely eager to immerse themselves in the Bedouin way of life, they must register their interest online here. Eligibility criteria include being at least 18 years old and maintaining good health and fitness.

From a pool of numerous applicants, only a select group of 20 to 30 UAE residents will be chosen. These chosen adventurers will then undergo comprehensive desert training under the guidance of a Bedouin expert. Training will encompass everything from mastering camel riding to acquiring essential survival skills for desert conditions.

During the 10th edition last year, 34 camel riders were carefully chosen, representing 15 different nationalities. This year marks the 11th edition, providing an opportunity to “explore authentic culture and life as it once was on this land.”

According to HHC, “the aim of the Camel Trek is to create a similar atmosphere to the one in the past when Bedouins used to navigate and travel in the desert. It is about sustaining an iconic symbol of the desert environment.”

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