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UAE increases fuel prices for March 2024

Here's how much it will cost you

Fuel prices for March 2024

Fuel prices for March 2024

The UAE Fuel Price Committee has released the petrol and diesel prices for March 2024. The revised rates will come into effect on march 1 and are outlined below:

  • Special 95 petrol will be priced at AED2.92 per litre, compared to AED2.76 in the previous month.
  • Super 98 petrol will be priced at AED3.03 per litre, compared to AED2.88 in November.
  • E-Plus 91 petrol will be priced at AED2.85 per litre, compared to AED2.69 in last month.
  • Diesel will be available at AED3.16 per litre, drop from AED2.99 in the preceding month.

Petrol prices in the UAE have increased by nearly 15 fils for March 2024, as compared to the previous month.

Fuel prices for March 2024

Petrol and Diesel prices in the past year

Prices in AED per litreE-Plus 91Special 95Super 98Diesel
February 20242.692.762.882.99
January 20242.642.712.823.00
December 20232.772.852.963.19
November 20232.852.923.033.42
October 20233.263.333.443.57
September 20233.233.313.423.40
August 20232.953.023.142.95
July 20232.812.8932.76
June 20232.762.842.952.68
May 2023 2.97 3.05 3.16 2.91
April 20232.822.93.013.03
March 20232.92.973.093.14
February 20232.862.933.053.38
January 20232.952.672.783.29
December 20223.
November 20223.133.23.324.01
October 20222.852.923.033.76
September 20223.223.33.413.87
August 20223.843.924.034.14
July 20224.444.524.634.76

Since December 2015, the UAE‘s Ministry of Energy started determining fuel prices by considering average global prices. Before that, the government used to subsidize petrol prices in the UAE, providing consumers protection against fluctuations in the global petrol costs.

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Fuel price for Compact Cars

Average fuel tank capacity: 51 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (March)
Super 95AED 148.92
Special 98AED 154.53
E-plusAED 145.35

Fuel price for Sedan

Average fuel tank capacity: 62 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (March)
Super 95AED 181.04
Special 98AED 187.86
E-plusAED 176.7

Fuel price for SUV

Average fuel tank capacity: 74 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (March)
Super 95AED 216.08
Special 98AED 224.22
E-plusAED 210.9

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