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FIFA World Cup 2022: Travel to Qatar by land from the UAE

Driving to Qatar from Dubai for FIFA World Cup 2022?

FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022

There is no denying that football fever has settled in, and many fans are gearing up for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. From November 20 to December 18, 2022, a huge crowd of fans will descend on the Middle East to support their local team.

Driving to Qatar from the UAE is a suitable alternative for those who don’t wish to fly. The trip from Dubai should take six to seven hours, depending on border controls.

By Land to Qatar from the UAE

If you have plans of driving to Qatar from the UAE for FIFA World Cup 2022, you will have to travel through Saudi Arabia after crossing the Ghuwaifat border post.

The distance from Dubai to Qatar border is 695km and that from Abu Dhabi to Qatar border is 588km.

FIFA World Cup 2022 by land to Qatar from the UAE
Abu Samra Border

To enter the State of Qatar, you must have an approved Hayya Card and meet all immigration and customs requirements, such as your passport, which must be valid until 22 March 2023. Visitors have been advised to use the same passport that they used during the registration process on the Hayya Portal.

Qatar has revealed the latest process for entering the country by road for fans travelling from the UAE. The fans travelling to Qatar via road must cross through Abu Samra border, that connects Saudi Arabia to Qatar. The Abu Samra Crossing is the State of Qatar’s land border. It is located on Salwa Road.

According to officials, the Abu Samra border crossing is now available to visitors and can receive 4,000 travellers per hour, with improved facilities and free parking.

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior announced that fans who wish to enter the country through the Abu Samra border with an exceptional entry permit in their cars must have an approved vehicle entry permit through the Hayya platform.

The entry procedures to be followed at the border crossing have been divided into different categories as follows:

For GCC nationals, residents, and anyone with Qatari ID cards (cars with Qatari number plates)

They can enter the country as frequently as they would under normal situations, provided that:

  • The vehicle carrying them must have a Qatari number plate.
  • A Hayya card is not compulsory.

Fans with special permission (Entering Qatar with their own vehicle )

The fans entering the state of Qatar with their own private vehicle must have an entry permit for their vehicle approved on the Hayya portal. Fans with special permission need to note that the vehicle entry permit is for single use only and cannot be used for multiple visits.

Below are the requirements of the land border crossing for fans with special permission:

  1. A confirmed accommodation approved through the Hayya platform for a minimum of five nights is a must for the driver only.
  2. There should be a minimum of three people in the vehicle and shall not exceed a maximum of six people, and all of them should carry a Hayya card.
  3. Apply for the vehicle entry permit on the official Hayya platform. If approved, the applicant will receive an email with a link to obtain the vehicle insurance electronically.
  4. Upon completion of the insurance, the applicant must follow up on the platform within 24 hours to obtain the permit by paying a non-refundable fee of QAR 5,000 (Dh5,043).

Visitors have been instructed not to drive in restricted areas (A-Ring & B-Ring roads and roads and intersections leading to them. Cars will not be allowed to enter restricted areas during the tournament, particularly around the stadiums and in central Doha.

For one-day fans

Those fans crossing the Abu Samra land border to attend a match or matches within 24 hours can enter and exit Qatar without prior hotel reservations. However, the following conditions are required for their entry.

  1. Carry a Hayya Card (one-day-fan category).
  2. Pre-reservation of border parking space via Hayya platform prior to arrival in Qatar.
  3. Parking is free for the first 24 hours from the time of entry.
  4. A service charge of QAR 1,000 applies for the second day. If the vehicle is parked more than 48 hours after entry, the vehicle will be towed and an additional towing fee of QAR 1,000 (Dh1,008) will be charged. (Payment can be made electronically via a link sent to the email address registered on the platform).
  5. Travel in Qatar buses from Abu Samra checkpoint to Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or Al Qalayel meeting point for families and friends, which is 2km away from the Abu Samra land border terminal.
  6. The parking reservation service will be available from November 1, 2022, and can be used with the Hayya card.

All payments for parking can be made via the Hayya app.

For your return journey, you can catch a shuttle bus back to the land border from Al Messila Metro Station or Al Qalayel family and friends pick-up area.

FIFA World Cup 2022

Fans arriving through buses

The fourth category includes those who are coming via bus, where all passengers should have a Hayya card for their entry in to Qatar. 

The following prerequisites must be met in order for fans arriving by bus to enter:

  1. All passengers are required to carry a Hayya Card.
  2. Reach the arrivals hall at the checkpoint to complete the entry procedures into the country.
  3. Take the Qatar buses from the border to Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or to the Family and Friends Meet and Greet Area outside the border at Al Qalayel, which is 2km away from the Abu Samra land border terminal.

Commercial trucks will be allowed to enter through the Abu Samra Border Crossing from 11.00pm to 6.00am from November 15 to December 22, 2022 to ensure smooth entry for football fans.

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Humanitarian cases

For those who do not have a Hayya card (through airports only), they have to:

  1. Submit the application for the permit through the Ministry’s website –
  2. The request will be processed by the Ministry and applicants can expect a response within six hours. The approval will be emailed to the applicant when the conditions are met.
  3. The permit can only be used once and applicants can only enter Qatar through an airport.

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