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The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is introducing a unique live jellyfish exhibit

The one-of-a-kind live jellyfish exhibition in the city

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi has just announced a brand-new summer exhibition: Invasion of the Jellyfish. This ominous-sounding exhibit is a one-of-a-kind live jellyfish exhibition unlike any other.

The unique exhibit, named after a phenomenon known for the sudden congregation of numerous jellyfish in a single location,  and for no apparent reason, stands as the sole of its kind in the Emirates. Crafted by the skilled marine biologists at the aquarium, this extraordinary showcase is the result of their meticulous study of the jellyfish’s life cycle.

New jellyfish fish at The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

The exhibit will be on from Saturday July 15.

The exhibition presents an assortment of fascinating jellyfish species, including the captivating stinging sea nettles, otherworldly moon jellies resembling UFOs, innovative upside-down jellyfish that harness sunlight, and the magnificent and lively giant blubbers.

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

These intriguing creatures are displayed in specialized aquariums that maintain their constant aquatic suspension. This remarkable feat is made possible by the diligent efforts of marine biologists who have mastered the jellyfish’s life cycle through extensive breeding within dedicated facilities.

Visitors at The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi will be able to see many of the over 300,000 species of jellyfish that have inhabited the oceans for over 600 million years.

The aquarium’s general manager and curator Paul Hamilton said, “This exhibition is another step in the right direction for The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi,  which already exhibits the most diverse collection of animals in the region. Our guests are always surprised by the size of the facility, the length of the journey and the sheer number of animals they see along the way. Invasion of the Jellyfish is yet another world-class attraction helping us meet the expectations of the Abu Dhabi public”.

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is introducing a unique live jellyfish exhibit

Al Qana’s marine life attraction boasts an impressive collection of 46,000 creatures residing in 10 distinct zones. These remarkable aquatic inhabitants are meticulously attended to by a dedicated team of 80 sea-life experts.

With the purchase of all-access tickets priced at Dhs190, visitors gain entry to The Invasion, alongside complete access to the aquarium’s various zones and the thrilling glass bottom boat tour.

Tickets start from Dhs190. Open daily 10am to 10pm.

The Invasion, The National Aquarium, Al Qana, Abu Dhabi;

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