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Sharjah to ban plastic bags; introduce 25fils per bag from October 1

From January 1, 2024, Sharjah to ban single-use plastic bags

Sharjah ban single use plastic bags
Green plastic bags on kitchen worktop.

Sharjah to ban plastic bags

After Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sharjah has now announced a ban on plastic bags from  January 1, 2024.

The resolution issued today (Tuesday 23 August) by the emirate’s executive council will see Sharjah retailers prohibited to trade, produce, offer or import single-use plastic bags and materials from  January 1, 2024. The resolution will see environmentally-friendly alternatives will be provided to shoppers.

To implement the ban, the Department of Municipal Affairs has been tasked with formulating plans and policies. It will also conduct consumer awareness programmes to encourage residents to switch to multi-use and environment-friendly bags.

Sharjah to charge 25fils per plastic bag

In preparation for the ban on plastic bags in 2024, the emirate will start charging 25fils per plastic bag from October 1, 2022.

From June 1, a ban on single-use plastics went into effect in Abu Dhabi.

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Earlier in the year, the Executive Council of Dubai approved a policy to charge 25fils per single-use plastic bag, across all stores and restaurants, including online deliveries, in Dubai. As a result, Dubai’s retailers report that consumers have expressed an overwhelming support for the initiative, with some claiming a 40 percent reduction in consumption of such bags in July.