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Saudi allows Hayya Card holders to perform Umrah with free visa from Nov 11 to Dec 18

Multi-entry visa will be offered for Hayya card holders from November 11 to December 18

Hayya Card holders

Hayya Card holders

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has announced that it will allow Muslims with a World Cup Qatar Hayya card to perform Umrah and visit Madinah with a free visa from November 11 to December 18.

Khaled Al-Shammari, Assistant Director-General of the General Department of Visas at the Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made the announcement on Friday, October 14, via Saudi news channel Al Ekhbariya. As per his statement, Muslim Hayya Card holders can perform Umrah and visit Madinah. The visa will be free and valid to enter the Kingdom for the period from November 11 to December 18 of this year, which is the duration of the World Cup in Qatar.

Earlier this week, Saudi government announced facilities for Hayya card holders, including bearing the costs of electronic visas to enter the World Cup fans.

“The visa is free but medical insurance must be obtained from the visa platform,” said Al-Shammari. 

He further added that cardholders are being offered a multi-entry visa which will allow them to enter and exit Saudi Arabia at any time during its validity period. 

Additionally, he indicated that the period of stay for the visa holder is two months, ending on 11 January 2023.

Hayya card

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As of August 24, 2022, holders of the Hayya card will be able to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a 60-day period.

Saudi Arabia e-visa services to be free of cost for Hayya Card holders

On a cabinet meeting held on 11 October 2022 at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided that the state will bear the costs of e-visa services that allow entry to the Kingdom for holders of the Hayya Card.

Saudi allows Hayya Card holders to perform Umrah with free visa from Nov 11 to Dec 18

Hayya Card holders will be permitted to enter the Kingdom 10 days before the start of the World Cup after obtaining an electronic visa through the Unified National Platform for Visas.

The holders of the entry visa can reside in the Kingdom for a period of 60 days.

The visa holders have the right to enter and exit the Kingdom several times during the validity period of the visa, without requiring prior entry to the State of Qatar, provided that medical insurance is obtained before entering the country.