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Lift travel ban in Dubai with the new payment service by Dubai Public Prosecution

Enhancing the service through automation for improved user-friendliness

Lift travel ban in Dubai

If you’re facing a travel restriction due to a travel ban after a legal case in Dubai courts, a new efficient digital solution is available to help you regain your freedom to fly.

Introduced by the Dubai Public Prosecution, this service enables individuals involved in a criminal case to pay the issued fine online. Once approved by the court, it will promptly lead to the automatic removal of their travel limitations.

Upon completing the fine payment, the intelligent system collaborates with Dubai Police to nullify arrest warrants and cease the pursuit of individuals.

The digital Smart Fine Payment service is designed to accelerate the enforcement process of judgments given in absentia and enhance the execution rate.

An article featured on Gulf Business, explains that “the smart service” also “aligns with Dubai Police to cancel arrest warrants and stop searches for individuals”.

This effort perfectly fits within the ‘Services 360’ strategy, a plan to make government services better in Dubai. It’s backed by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council. The strategy focuses on using smart solutions to make daily tasks easier, speed up processes, and reduce the load on physical service centers.

Lift travel ban in Dubai

How the Smart Fine Payment system works to lift travel ban in Dubai

The fine can be settled through any of the three methods outlined below:

  1. By selecting the link provided in the text message sent by the Public Prosecution. This link will lead users to a login page that utilizes their digital ID for electronic payment of the fine.
  2. The fines can also be cleared using payment devices equipped for electronic or cash transactions. These devices accept cash notes of all denominations. Each attempt allows one note of each denomination until the entire fine amount is covered.
  3. Users have the option to log into the Public Prosecution website with their digital ID and make the fine payment online.

Once the payment process is finalized, a confirmation text message will be sent by Dubai Public Prosecution, verifying the successful transaction. Subsequently, the arrest order and travel ban will be lifted.

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