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UAE declares Islamic New Year holiday for private sector

Unfortunately, this means it won't be a long three-day weekend...

Islamic New Year

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has announced that Sunday, July 7, will be a public holiday for the private sector to observe Islamic New Year. This means that for those who usually enjoy a Saturday-Sunday weekend, there won’t be an extended break this time.

The Islamic, or Hijri New Year, heralds the beginning of Muharram, the first of 12 months on the Islamic calendar.

What is the Hijri year?

The Hijri year is derived from the Arabic word for migration, referencing Prophet Mohammed’s (peace be upon him) journey from Mecca to Medina, two sacred cities in present-day Saudi Arabia. This significant event in Islamic history occurred in 622 AD and marks the beginning of the Hijri or Islamic calendar, starting with the year 1 AH (After Hijra).

Remaining holidays for 2024

Prophet Mohammed’s birthday

The holiday is generally a time for introspection rather than exuberant celebrations, with events being more subdued.

The UAE Cabinet had earlier announced that this year’s (PBUH) birthday is expected to fall on Sunday, September 15.

Commemoration Day and National Day

Islamic New Year holiday

National Day celebrations fall in December every year, and 2024 will be no different.

Commemoration Day is expected to fall on Sunday December 1, meaning you can expect a public holiday on Monday December 2 and Tuesday December 3.

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