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Global Village gets electric abras to serve visitors for its new season

Dubai's RTA collaborates with Global Village to deploy electric abras

electric abras

Electric abras will be serving Global Village visitors when it reopens for its new season on Tuesday, October 25th.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in collaboration with the management of the Global Village, will be deploying two electric abras to serve visitors. Taking an abra ride along the man-made water canal of the Global Village has been quite popular over the past eight years.

RTA electric abras for Global Village season 27

Season 27’s all-new electric abras will serve Global Village visitors as an eco-friendly initiative that fits into the RTA’s “Safe & Smooth Transport for All” roadmap. 

electric abras
RTA electric abra

Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Marine Transport at the RTA said in an official statement: “The growing popularity of the Abra service contributes to the growth of tourist numbers in the Global Village. The RTA is keen on taking part in the annual event, which runs for about five months. The service is part of our vision to generate a positive experience to this annual event by availing riders an opportunity to board a transit means powered by renewable energy.”

“We approved a plan to operate two electric abras to serve guests of the Global Village this season. The service proved extremely popular amongst visitors over the past seasons,” added Al Hashemi.

“Each year, the Global Village plays a vital role in enhancing Dubai’s tourism during the winter season. RTA is committed to growing tourist numbers by running a wide range of public transport services, including marine transport represented by abras, Dubai Ferry, Water Bus and Water Taxi,” he further added.

Al Falasi highlighted that the new abras will follow a “heritage-inspired” design to help maintain a traditional look.

Marine transport means are part of RTA’s core services. They are particularly appealing to tourists, as riders will savour the picturesque views and the iconic landmarks of the city during their journeys in Dubai, besides the smooth and enjoyable rides.

The abra rides aren’t the only attractions for Global Village Season 27, there are many new attractions announced such as Road of Asia, Big Balloon Ride and two new pavilions.

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‘Road of Asia’ is a new pedestrian street featuring 43 kiosks, offering products from 13 Asian countries that are not represented through the 27 pavilions.

Global Village is located on Exit 37 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (311) in Dubailand, close to Cityland Mall. The Park is a one-stop destination for some of the best entertainment, shopping, dining, and attractions in the region.

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