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New VR Escape Room in Dubai and it’s GAME OVER

Nakheel Mall launches GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café


Nakheel Mall has just launched a new entertainment complex with VR-enabled escape rooms that will delight UAE residents searching for summer activities in Dubai.

As part of its retail, dining, and leisure offering, the luxury mall on Palm Jumeirah have introduced GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café to its visitors.

Spread over 11,000 square feet in Dubai’s Nakheel Mall, Game Over Escape Rooms and Board Game Café features 12 escape rooms, 11 meta-escape rooms that utilize VR headsets to enhance the experience, and a board game café with more than 50+ titles for board-game lovers to explore.

It’s perfect for family, friends, and even colleagues. If you’re looking for a fun day out, or even if you’re on a special occasion, this awesome destination is the one for you!

GAME OVER Escape Rooms – What to expect?

GAME OVER is a global brand that exists in 17 countries including the UK, USA, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Nakheel Mall marks the 40th outpost for the Game Over Escape Rooms .

The Game Over Escape Rooms have been designed by professional film set designers and animators, that are ideal for families, adventure seekers and horror fans, and combine cutting edge technology. They are known as some of the best escape rooms in the world for their high quality design, visuals, riddles and puzzles that are well crafted by experts.


There are a variety of genres available for the players to choose from, from the famous Alf Laylah Wa Laylah inspired 1001 Nights Room, to a trip down the rabbit hole in an Alice in Wonderland Room. Those who love mystery will also enjoy the Agatha Christie Orient Express Room, and for some adrenaline-pumping fun, check out the Money Heist Room.

Money Heist GAME OVER Escape Room

Each room has been designed with a different level of difficulty. For example, in the Agatha Christie Orient Express, players are given an hour to help famed detective Hercule Poirot solve a murder, and their difficulty level is classified as “extreme”. Meanwhile, the Dracula room is rated at “experienced”, as participants are imprisoned in Lord Vlad Tepes’s Bran Castle.

Those who want to escape the meta way can choose from Alice in Wonderland, Chornobyl, Christmas, Cyberpunk, House of Fear, Jungle Quest, Mission Sigma, Signal Lost, Sanctum, Survival and The Prison themes.

Those who enjoy old-fashioned fun will find more than 50 board games in the venue’s café.

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Where to head to?

Located on the second floor of Nakheel Mall, GAME OVER Escape Rooms and Board Game Café is open to anyone over the age of eight. Groups of up to seven people can participate in escape rooms.

Prices start from Dhs140 per person, and visitors must book in advance at

In addition to the new attraction, Nakheel Mall also offers Vox Cinemas with signature GOLD, 4DX and THEATRE experiences, trampoline park Trampo Extreme, and FabyLand and children’s playroom, Bricobilandia.