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Dubai Airports will introduce quiet rooms for autistic travelers

Enhancing Autism-Friendly Travel: Dubai Airports' Collaboration with Dubai Autism Centre.

quiet rooms for autistic travelers

Quiet rooms for autistic travelers

Dubai Airports has partnered with the Dubai Autism Centre to enhance the travel experience for individuals with autism. This collaboration aligns with the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021, both of which strive to establish Dubai as a global leader in providing a disability-friendly environment.

DXB is committed to implementing necessary adjustments to ensure a more seamless travel experience for individuals with chronic fatigue, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and other concealed disabilities.

Over the past year, DXB and the Dubai Autism Center have collaborated to implement more inclusive measures, and as a result, DXB was awarded an autism-friendly certificate in November 2022.

Quiet rooms for autistic travelers

They have introduced an Autism-Friendly Route, providing priority access at both check-in and passport control.

Additionally, Dubai Airports has trained staff members wearing sunflower pins to assist travelers with hidden disabilities. Sunflower lanyards can be obtained at several locations, including Terminal 3 Departures, Arrivals, and Connections, Terminal 1 Departures and Arrivals, and Terminal 2’s Departures and Arrivals.

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During this phase, Dubai Airports will introduce “quiet rooms” to accommodate individuals experiencing sensory overload.

According to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower website, the second phase of the rollout will bring new features like connected airports, quiet rooms, and an airport safari tour.