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Dubai taxi fare to be slashed by 22fils due to lower fuel prices

Dubai taxi fare has been reduced by RTA with immediate effect.

Dubai Taxi Fare

Dubai taxi fare has been reduced by RTA with immediate effect.

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the revised fares due to the reduced cost of petrol. The minimum fare in Dubai is down by 22 fils now.

RTA has reduced the tariff from Dhs2.19 per kilometre to Dhs1.97 per kilometre. So, if you are taking a 20 kilometre journey, you can save Dh4.40!

The price changes will reflect immediately.

However, the minimum ride fare remains the same, which is Dhs12.

Dubai taxi fare reduced due to lower fuel prices

On December 30, the UAE announced the retail fuel prices for the month of January. The fuel price committee decreased the rates by up to 52 fils per litre.

Dubai taxi fare

Super 98 currently costs Dhs2.78 per litre, down from Dhs3.30 in December.  

Special 95 petrol will cost Dh2.67 per litre, compared to Dh3.18 in December.

E-Plus 91 petrol will cost Dh2.59 a litre, compared to Dh3.11 a litre last month.

Diesel will be charged at Dh3.29 a litre compared to Dh3.74 in December.

In July, when petrol prices reached their highest level since they were liberalised in 2015, the authority increased the tariff from Dh1.99 per kilometre to Dh2.21 per kilometre.