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Dubai Metro is expanding with a 30-kilometer Blue Line

Connecting Red and Green Metro Lines: The Blue Line with 14 Stations.

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is expanding with a 30-kilometer Blue Line, and this news comes from a recent tender issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for building the new line

The new Blue Line in Dubai is being created to support the city’s growth. It will link the existing Red and Green Metro lines and have a total length of 30 kilometers. Of this, 15.5 kilometers will be underground, and 14.5 kilometers will be above ground.

The Blue Line includes 14 stations: 7 are elevated (including an iconic one), 5 are underground (with an interchange station), and 2 are elevated transfer stations linking to the Red Line’s Rashidiya terminal and the Green Line’s Al Jaddaf terminal.

Dubai Metro is expanding with a 30-kilometer Blue Line

Additional driverless trains will be introduced

The project details like route, cost, and timeframe are unspecified. However, potential suppliers and contractors will need to provide 28 new driverless trains and build a new depot for up to 60 trains, along with related roads, facilities, and utility changes.

This project involves constructing and designing key infrastructure components such as viaducts, tunnels, and stations. It also includes setting up electrical and mechanical systems, acquiring operation and control systems for rail, stations, and facilities, and creating and delivering rail vehicles, known as rolling stock.

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Dubai Metro is expanding with a 30-kilometer Blue Line

Dubai Metro is the core of the city’s transport system

Dubai Metro, launched in 2009, is the world’s longest driverless metro at 89.3km. It’s the cornerstone of the city’s public transport, serving over 2 billion riders in 14 years. With 129 trains, Dubai Metro boasts a remarkable punctuality rate of 99.7% and exceeds global safety standards, aligning with Dubai’s goal to make driverless public transport 30% of the system by 2030. It currently has 53 stations on both the Red and Green Lines, and its latest extension, Route 2020, began operation on January 1, 2021, connecting Jebel Ali Station to Dubai Expo City.

The Blue Line extension is part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Plan, addressing the city’s projected population growth from 3.3 million in 2020 to 5.8 million by 2040. With a daytime population set to reach 7.8 million, the plan focuses on sustainable urban development.

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