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Spread kindness: Discover 5 ways to donate to charity this Ramadan in the UAE

Even a small donation can make a big difference..

donate to charity this Ramadan in the UAE

Looking to make a difference this Ramadan? Ramadan is the month of giving and mercy, and here in the UAE, there are various ways to extend your generosity and support those in need!

Whether you’re interested in purchasing an iftar box for individuals facing hardship through Emirates Red Crescent initiatives or aiding medical outreach by supporting organizations like Dar Al Ber, Dubai offers a multitude of avenues for giving back.

Here’s how to donate to charity during Ramadan in the UAE

Dubai Cares

The Gaza In Our Hearts Ramadan fundraising campaign is dedicated to aiding people in Palestine. All donations collected through this initiative will be used to provide hot meals, food baskets, and waterproof, fire-resistant tents.

donate to charity
Pic courtesy: Dubai Cares

How to donate: Donations are made online. You can support by visiting and navigating to the donation page. There, you’ll find various options such as sponsoring a day of education (Dhs5), providing 25 school meals for a child (Dhs25), or funding someone’s education for an entire year (Dhs700). Dubai Cares has also launched the Gaza In Our Hearts Ramadan fundraising campaign this month, with the donation page accessible from the Dubai Cares website homepage.

Members of the community can also directly contribute via SMS using the word donation to 9030 (to donate Dhs30), 9090 (to donate Dhs90), 9300 (to donate Dhs300), 9600 (to donate Dhs600) and 9900 to (donate Dhs900). 

Emirates Red Crescent

The largest (and among the oldest) charitable organizations in the country have tailored donation options for Ramadan that involve you directly—you can sponsor someone’s iftar or purchase a food box for them.

Spread kindness: Discover 5 ways to donate to charity this Ramadan in the UAE

How to donate: Visit and navigate to the donations tab. From there, select the option you wish to contribute to. Whether it’s assisting someone in breaking their fast (Dhs5), purchasing a Ramadan Food Box (Dhs10), or providing iftar (Dhs15), you can opt to help according to your budget.

Sharjah Charity International

During Ramadan through Sharjah Charity International, you have the opportunity to contribute Dhs15 for an iftar, Dhs100 for Eid clothes, or provide sustenance for a family for a month with food baskets. For Dhs300, you can feed a small family, while Dhs500 can provide for a large family.

You can donate here.

Fill Up the Ramadan Fridge at Media One Hotel

For the sixth consecutive year, Media One Hotel is reintroducing its Ramadan-sharing fridge. Located just outside the office entrance, the fridge is replenished daily with provisions provided by the tower’s occupants to assist those in need.

Spread kindness: Discover 5 ways to donate to charity this Ramadan in the UAE

Offerings typically include fresh fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas, along with beverages such as small bottles of water and soft drinks, adhering to Dubai Municipality guidelines. Additionally, sealed packages of dry fruits, yogurt, and biscuits are appreciated. Please note that cooked food cannot be accepted due to Dubai Municipality regulations. Moreover, as part of the property’s sustainability efforts, minimizing or eliminating single-use plastic containers and utensils is encouraged. Contributions of any size are encouraged and can be arranged by contacting 052 670 6651.

Dar Al Ber

Dar Al Ber stands as one of the pioneering charities in the UAE, offering support to various initiatives open for donations year-round, with a special emphasis on contributions during Ramadan.

Spread kindness: Discover 5 ways to donate to charity this Ramadan in the UAE

Whether your aim is to support healthcare initiatives or provide assistance for accessing clean water and education, you can seize the opportunity to do so through the website.

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