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Most popular Al Baik launches two new stores in Sharjah

For all Al Baik fans in Sharjah..

Al Baik

It looks like another two Al Baik branches are opening in the UAE and with this, it will be the fourth and fifth outlet in the country.

Back in mid-July, the beloved Saudi fried chicken extended its chain to another emirate in the UAE, after a huge success in Dubai. It then was opened in City Center, Ajman, adding to the two outlets in Dubai.

For all Al Baik lovers, get ready as the cult fried chicken brand is extending again to yet another emirate, and guess where? It’s Sharjah!

Over the next two months, two new branches of Al Baik will open in Sharjah. Al Baik fans in Sharjah, who had to travel to Dubai or Ajman, will no longer have to drive across the Emirates for their weekend fix.

First venue in the Emirate of Sharjah is City Center, the opening of which has been confirmed after Al Baik shared a video of the hoarding on their official Instagram account.

Additionally, there’s going to be another branch opening at the Sharjah Corniche on Al Majaz Waterfront. Hoardings have been erected, but construction has not yet begun.

Why is Al Baik so popular?

Saudi Arabia’s iconic food joint, Al Baik is flocked with people at all times, at the two venues in Dubai and in Ajman. The first one opened in Dubai Mall in the summer of 2021, followed by Mall of the Emirates, which opened at the end of April. On July 5, the first Ajman outpost opened in City Center Ajman to a warm welcome.

Al Baik - Al Baik Chicken Nuggies

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The long queues in front of the Al Baik outlets, for a box of their covetous chicken nuggies, that can last for over an hour or so, reflects the brand’s popularity. But, what makes the Saudi fried chicken brand Al Baik so popular?

The brand has operated in Saudi Arabia for almost 50 years, having first opened in Jeddah in 1974. It has become the region’s most beloved fast-food brand and now has more than 100 branches across the Kingdom. The brand is famous for its broasted chicken, nuggets, jumbo shrimp and fish fillet, and of all, its offered at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

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Well, broasted may sound the same as KFC, but Al Baik is entirely different in terms of its culinary experience. It’s more flavorful than the greasier fried chicken dished out by the American chain. But what actually makes Al Baik unique is its crispy skin that keeps juices intact, and its signature ‘toum’ garlic sauce.