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16 Reasons why we love UAE

Ever wondered why UAE holds a special place in our heart?

16 reasons why people love UAE

For a lot of us living here, UAE is our home away from home. People may know UAE as Dubai and associate it with it. Each one of us have our own reasons that makes this country very special and unique, had it been its welcoming nature, the leaders of the nation with a vision, the safety the country provides, the equality, the nightlife, the architecture, the diversity or the opportunities.

Well, here are the 16 reasons why we love UAE:

1. Culture

 Despite its rapid modernization, the UAE takes pride in its cultural past and so it stays true to its local culture, religion and traditions. The culture of UAE is a beautiful combination of Islamic and western styles which makes it a unique place. The multi-cultural population means that residents and visitors are exposed to not just the traditional Middle Eastern cultures, religions, and languages, but those from all over the world. UAE spreads love, harmony, peace, and integrity among its people.

2. Safety and security

The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates assuring a safe and secure place to live in. You can roam around freely at any hour of the day and no one will harm you, you drop your wallet on the road and you shall get it back. Women are highly regarded here.

    The strong leadership of this country guarantees safety and respect to women and promotes women empowerment.

3. Land of Opportunities

The UAE is vibrant and offers you endless opportunities in all platforms. Dubai is the spectacular business hub of the country.

The opportunities in the UAE are equal for both men and women. It is also the first country in the world to make it mandatory for corporations and government agencies to include women in their Board of Directors.  

4. The UAE’s 7 Emirates

It is a federation made up of seven emirates, namely, Abu DhabiDubaiSharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. The emir of Abu dhabi serves as the president. Each emirate with its variant culture makes the country even more attractive and are worth exploring.

5. High level of tolerance and understanding

The United Arab Emirates is unlike any other country in the world because of its incredibly high number of expats and immigrants which makes it home to 200 different nationalities. 90% of the population in UAE are expats. It is rare to have so many nationalities, cultures and personalities living in one country, but UAE has always been tolerant and shown respect to various cultures and religions.

6. Lifestyle

UAE is very cosmopolitan and offers complete diversity and a vibrant social life. From shopping malls to restaurants and sports and leisure, UAE offers something for everyone and hence creates a feeling of energy and high spirits no matter where you go in UAE. It is the country where everyone is guaranteed a free way of living.

7. Architecture

The architecture of the UAE is extremely unique and incredible. Highly influenced and inspired by Persian, Arabian and Islamic architecture, the architecture here reflects the age-old customs, traditions, lifestyle and the rich culture of UAE and the Emiratis. UAE has also developed architectural marvels and tourist attractions like Burj Khalia, Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Museum of the Future etc.

16 Reasons why we love UAE
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

8. The UAE has a Minister of State for happiness and wellbeing

Seriously? Have you heard this anywhere else.?! Yes, this country has a Happiness Agenda Programme that decides on government policies, services and programmes that can promote positive virtue of lifestyle in a community and execute a plan for developing a happiness index to measure people’s satisfaction.

In February 2016, the UAE Government designed the post of Minister of State for Happiness as a crucial step towards making the Happiness Agenda a grand success and Her Excellency Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi was appointed as the Happiness Minister. The main responsibility of the UAE Happiness Minister is to interact with different governments, ministries and private sectors to achieve a happier society. 

9. Entertainment

There are plenty of fun and leisure activities in UAE for all age groups.

An indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert? Yes, situated in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, there’s a whole indoor ski resort that’s kept cool throughout the year and gives you an opportunity to ski five runs.

Yet, UAE is the desert Paradise. If you had ever wished to see the sweeping islands of Aladdin in your real life, this is your chance. This country has the largest and continuous desert in the world – Rub’ Al Khail (Empty Quarter). Where else do you get to feel both snow and desert together in on geographic location?

Not to mention the Skydive in Dubai, over the Palm Jumeirah is exceptional!

16 Reasons why we love UAE

You can also take a sea-and-sun-themed trip to Ras Al Khaimah, an emirate with 64kms of beach coastline. This emirate has the longest zipline in the world at Jebel Jais – the UAE’s highest peak.

You’ll also be spoilt for choice for quality theme parks in UAE– Legoland, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Laguna waterpark in Dubai, Ferrari World, Warner Bros World and Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi are just a few of the attractions within easy reach.

If you like culture, Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain/Abu Dhabi is a great site to learn about the culture and history of the settlement in an desert oasis.

UAE also offers the best staycation spots from luxurious hotels to beachfront resorts.

10. Healthcare

The UAE has a highly developed health infrastructure, and the standard of healthcare is high.

11. Accessibility

The international population of UAE demands a larger airport and varied transport links.

16 Reasons why we love UAE

Dubai International Airport is the third busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic making it very accessible over the years, offering flights to and from most major destinations all over the world. Dubai also being the center of the world, you can get to Europe in seven hours flat. You can get to India in three-four hours. South Africa can be done in eight hours. Turkey in five hours. Greece in 4-5hours. Italy in 6 hours. Pakistan is three hours away. Most places are less than ten hours away except the US and Australia.

12. Tax free income

The money that we earn in the UAE is absolutely tax free thus helping us save while we work and live here.

13. Leader with a vision

The UAE is blessed with strong leaders who make “the impossible possible”. There is always a clear and consistent communication from the leaders.

16 Reasons why we love UAE

14. Perfect balance between city and seaside

The UAE lying on the south-eastern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai runs along the coast with its urban area situated between the sea and the mountains. Situated within the Arabian Desert, it’s gorgeous sandy beaches, alongside luxurious and ultra-new urban architecture combines for a unique experience.

15. High educational standards

The remarkable standards maintained in the educational sector provides more reason for families to settle down comfortably in this country. The educational institutes offer different curriculum to students (British, American, Indian, German, etc.) in different locations.

16. Rapidly changing

No other place on earth knows development to the same level Dubai and other places in the UAE are experiencing it. At any moment, a new skyscraper is being built and the skyline is always taking a new shape. The development and innovation in this country is amazing.

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