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Dubai’s Newest 10km Hiking Trail: Your Ultimate Adventure Destination

Get Ready to Explore the Natural Beauty of Mushrif Park with Your Walking Boots On...

Dubai's Newest 10km Hiking Trail

Dubai’s Newest 10km Hiking Trail

Are you a fan of the great outdoors? We’ve got the perfect trek for you. Living in the UAE comes with the advantage of year-round sunny weather, and with blue-flag beaches and a rugged natural landscape at your disposal, there are abundant opportunities to break free from city life.

In June, a brand-new 10km hiking route was unveiled for public use within Dubai’s Mushrif National Park. This trail is open year-round and features a variety of paths, making it accessible to individuals of all skill levels, from novices to experienced hikers.

Dubai's Newest 10km Hiking Trail

The mountain trail is equipped with public restrooms, safety guidelines, directional signage, and designated rest zones. Additionally, it boasts artistic sculptures, staircases, bridges, and inclines strategically designed to offer hikers the most scenic vistas of Mushrif Park’s natural beauty and wildlife.

Please be aware that activities such as lighting fires, cooking, smoking, camping, and overnight stays in the forest are strictly prohibited. Additionally, children between the ages of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult during their visit.

About Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park, which first opened in 1974, is like the wise elder among Dubai’s parks. Unlike the usual green picnic spots, it’s more like a big national park. In terms of size, it’s way bigger than other recreational areas in Dubai and even has a vast 35,000 square meter Ghaf tree forest.

Covering an area exceeding 5.25 square kilometers, Mushrif Park boasts an impressive plantation of over 70,000 trees. It’s so vast that you can even drive through it. The park offers a five-kilometer track for walking, cycling, and jogging, along with two 25-meter swimming pools and courts for basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Dubai's Newest 10km Hiking Trail

However, what captivates many visitors is the Aventura Nature Adventure Park. Situated within the Ghaf tree forest, this high ropes adventure course presents a wide array of exhilarating activities, ranging from zip-lining to challenging rope courses. You can take your pick from over 85 challenges designed for various ages and skill levels, with circuits spanning across five different levels, from ground-based adventures to those high up in the trees. Notably, it features the region’s longest series of treetop zip lines. It’s important to note that tickets for Aventura are separate from the park’s entrance fee, with prices at Dhs3 for pedestrians, Dhs10 for vehicles, and payment accepted via the NOL card.

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Like many other parks, Mushrif Park includes amenities such as children’s play areas, barbecue spots, restaurants, and food stalls. Additionally, it offers a train ride, an equestrian center, and the opportunity for camel riding. A unique feature is the World Village, which showcases 13 models of traditional houses, including a traditional German Hausbarn and an intricately designed Thai house.